“I come from a family that recognizes honest American values, where parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents teach you about honesty and humility, where we learn by doing and trying, and where hard work is expected and rewarded.”



One of our most critical roles as a State is to develop and deliver a high quality educational system that will teach our children to be civically minded American citizens as well as prepare them for a successful career after school. While there are many reasons to be proud of our local schools and the tireless efforts of many of our teachers, quite frankly we are not doing well enough; too many of our children are failing to meet expectations and dropping out of school. While we must invest in our educational system, we must also set high expectations for students, teachers, and administrators, as well as hold them accountable for their performance.


Get government out of the way and businesses will thrive. The more we try to create complicated laws and policies, the more difficult we make it for small business owners to create jobs in Idaho. We need to prepare a smart and well-trained citizenry and then let the intelligent and entrepreneurial people of Idaho drive our economy forward. I will work to keep our business taxes low so that employers in the state can hire more Idahoans.  


The rising cost of healthcare is a major concern for many families across the country and Obamacare has only made things worse. Many people are suffering under the massive health insurance premium increases they have been forced to take on by this misguided law. It is time to take a very serious look at how we deliver and pay for medical expenses in this country.


We need to focus and encourage competition in the industry and require transparent pricing for our healthcare costs, so that consumers can have more say in their healthcare decisions.


This is an issue important to all Idahoans that cannot be dismissed as solely a federal problem. There are record numbers of Idahoans that are actively seeking health insurance coverage; we must confront this as a serious issue that requires serious debate and serious solutions.


We must also recognize that utilizing our emergency rooms as primary care medical solutions and our jails as a solution to mental health crises is an unsustainable and fiscally irresponsible approach to healthcare in Idaho.


I believe in the constitution and upholding “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” for both our personal protection as well as to protect our American way of life from threats both foreign and domestic.


The role of government should not be to infringe upon the constitutional rights of honest and law abiding Americans. We should focus on efforts to restrict criminals and the mentally ill from access to firearms.

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Rev Bill Hemenway, Treasurer